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Nutmeg - She didn't have a name for a while because it takes me ages to think of a special one for them.
I named her when my dad came to stay, I was holding her and he was in the kitchen making a custard pie for the children and he asked me if I had any Nutmeg. I looked at her and thought she looked like Nutmeg. So that became her name. I love the colour of her fur and that was the inspiration for the orange text on this site.

Nick Names

Nudgie - She is always Nudging me. She climbs up on to my shoulder and with all her strength trys to nudge my head out of the way, she has guts for such a small girl!

Date Adopted

23rd March 2003 - Roughly 6-7 weeks old


She is a very quiet content Sow around humans but she does not like the other Guinea Pigs. She will not share a house with them and often chases them out of her side of the cage. Nudgie likes Kornage and sometimes lets him cuddle up with her.

When I got her I noticed she has chunks of ear missing. I have spoken to a vet about it and have been advised this is a sign that she had been in lots of fights as a baby Guinea Pig. I do not know if this is why now she does not like to share with the other sows. When she was first with us though she was bullied by Millie, since maturing in to an adult Guinea Pig she stands her ground and if anything bullies Millie now.

Favourite Food



She loves to sit on my shoulder. She climbs up to it if I put her anywhere else. She hides her nose in my neck.

Funny Habbits

She does not like it when Kornage rumble struts around her and will often squirt pee in his face. Sows do this to warn the Boar that they are not ready to mate.
As mentioned before she always nudges you out the way. She also nudges your hand off her face if you touch it. She does not like having her nose stroked where as Kornage loves it.


She is not very vocal only when she feels invaded by Kornage or Millie then she makes a series of high pitched noises warning them to go away. If they take no notice of her after ample warning she will turn around and squirt in their face. Which shocks both piggies who are becoming aware of this. I often see Kornage walking around the cage and when he goes near her if she starts making the noise he will lift his head up and back away.


She likes cuddles and floor time.


Her head being touched. Kornage rumble strutting. Millie going in her house.

Visits to the Vet

None to date


Hiding Guinea Pig

Bathed Guinea Pig

Gerty Guinea Pig

Nosey Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs Cuddling