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Millie Moo

Millie had to be put to sleep in Feb 07 due to a cancer growth.


Millie Moozer - It took me about 2 weeks to name her because I felt she was such a pretty Guinea Pig and needed a name that was different. When I first got Millie she was a very nervous Guinea Pig. She did not like being held and would bite frantically until you put her back. I read online a few things to try but I found the best thing was to wrap her up in a towel and hold her this way. After living with me for 7 months she is now fully tame, at one point I thought she would never calm down but I never gave up and now the rewards are great. She has turned out to be one of my most cuddliest piggie's.
Millie is a long haired Guinea Pig, because its been so hot in the summer I took clippers to her fur. Her fur was about 4 inches long down her spine and over her bum. Her fur is very thick so clipping her seemed a good idea to try and help cool her down. Also it had started to grow over her bottom and this could end up getting tangled if not attended to on a regular basis.
In the picture on the right you can just make out where her fur is a bit green under her chin from a cucumber session!

Nick Names

Millie Mossops, Nawty Girl

Date Adopted

26th Jan 2003 - 5 weeks old


Oh so much personality I don't know if there is enough room here.

Favourite Food

Cucumber or peppers


She likes to curl up in to your chest.

Funny Habits

Loves to bite everything. She likes to bite it then tug at it. If she is sat on a towel she likes to pull the threads.


7 Months old - 1.2 Kilo


She Mweeps every time you go to the kitchen. This piggy knows exactly how to get what she wants.


Loves Kornage, if you take Kornage out of the cage she will Mweeep for him if he doesn't come back soon.


Cuddles and Nutmeg!

Visits to the Vet

None to date


Millie Moo has been put to sleep today

Today I had to have Millie Moo put to sleep, she had a cancer lump which had grown at a fast rate. Although she was still eating I decided to have her put to sleep before she started to suffer. She had started to change and was not keen on Rusty sniffing around her and she had started to loose weight. It was a tough decision to have her put to sleep but I made my choice for her benefit, rather than leave her to get worse. The lump was on her stomach and rather large, there was an option to have it operated on but due to the speed it grew, the area it was in I felt it would not be fair to put her through this operation. Millie was the 2nd Guinea Pig I owned and will be missed greatly, she had a unique personality and was very cute.



Guinea Pig eating Cucumber