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Kornage Aug 02 - 27th June 05


Kornage - The day I got Kornage I was going to see the band Korn at London Arena. The word of the day was Kornage. While I was out shopping in the day time I popped in to the pet store as I often did to see if they had any ginger and white Guinea Pigs. On this particular day they had a Guinea Pig who was all black. I asked if I could hold him as I had never held a pig before. The urge for wanting a Guinea Pig came after I made a site for a pet store and created a page about Guinea Pig care.

At the time my partner was in another shop and I had stood holding this tiny Guinea Pig who hadn't moved a muscle for about 5 min's when he came in. He looked at him and said we had to buy him as he was the cutest little animal he had ever seen.

What with Kornage being all black to call him after the band I was going to see seemed like a great idea and that's how his name came about.

Nick Names

Fat lad, Le Boy Du Mweep, Hornage (because he's always rumble strutting)

Date Adopted

7th Sept 2002 - Roughly 6 weeks old


Cucumber timeKornage is the most loveable pet I have ever owned. He adores being cuddled. He also follows me around when he is on the floor. Out of my three pig's he is the one that responds to me the best. Although I put this down to the fact that I have had him the longest, also we had 4 months of bonding before I had to share my time between him and Millie Moozer. When I first brought him home from the store he was very quiet and would just sit on me looking at me. After a week he started to make his very cute noises when we cuddled. Now when I cuddle him he sits on me very happily making content sighs. I can not explain this noise however I hope to capture it and make a Guinea Pig sounds list on this site.

Favourite Food

Cucumber !! Kornage LOVES this more than anything else. When he is offered a range of different vegetables/fruit to eat he will always choose this first.


Kornage likes to sit just under my chin with his head resting on my shoulder. If I sit with him on my lap he will jump and clumber up me to get there. When I took him to the vet last he was given an injection for treatment of mange. As soon as I stepped towards the table he jumped up me for reassurance.

Funny Habits

Rumble Strutting. This guy takes it all very seriously although (shh don't tell him) he's been neutered.
He also pop corns a lot when he is on the floor and runs frantically around leaping in the air.
He does not like certain sounds and will give a low rumble as if he is telling it to stop.
He does not like having his sides touched. If you touch him here he will bite you without sinking his teeth in just to let you know he can if you do that again. I do not know for sure but I assume maybe he has scent glands here.


1 year Old - 1kilo (although he's had Fox Mange and a weight loss)


Kornage makes a huge array of sounds. He Mweeeps for food. Makes content sighs. When he has cucumber in his possession if the girls go near him he makes a funny noise as if he's telling them they better get their own because he's not willing to share.


He loves cucumber cuddles and girls!


Pop Music, the girls fighting over him, carrot

Visits to the Vet:

First visit: When I adopted Kornage he had mites in his fur that he had picked up from the pet store. They were tiny brown looking worms. I think maybe they were baby flea larvae. As I had never owned a Guinea Pig I thought I would take him to the vet to get the once over and ask him to show me how to clip his nails. Kornage did not like this one bit. The vet said he looked healthy although his nails were a bit long and gave him 3 drops on the back of his neck of treatment to kill off the mites.

Second Visit: Kornage was neutered. I had spent a couple of months surfing the internet reading up on the pro's and con's of the operation, or introducing a new boar, or him living on his own. After speaking to a local Guinea Pig rescue who told me of a good vet I decided to have him operated on. The operation was a success and now I feel it was right for him. He lives with 2 sows now and is very content.

Third Visit: Kornage seemed to me as though he was loosing weight. Also he was making some weird coughing sound as though he had something stuck in this throat. The vet checked him over and felt his weight was ideal. He said he didn't know what the coughing sound is. To this day I still don't know and he is still doing it randomly.

Forth Visit: Kornage just didn't look right and I noticed a patch of fur that looked like it had been scratched at frantically. So I parted the fur to find he had 2 very tiny lumps on his skin. I thought it may be ticks so I took him to the vet. The vet looked and straight away said this was Fox Mange and he would treat it. He said the chance's are that he had picked it up from hay I use for bedding. However I have foxes in my garden at night time so I think maybe we had an infected Fox in the garden who could of laid in the piggy pen maybe? He said loosing weight was a side affect from Fox Mange. However I am very lucky that I picked up on this before it got out of hand. Kornage has not yet formed any kind of bald patches or sores. I have been reading up on this in the last couple of weeks and have seen some terrible images of Guinea Pigs who have had this real bad. The injection the vet gave Kornage for this treatment made him squeal. He was very distressed by it. Over the next couple of days he was very quiet but this could of been due to side effects from the drug. He has to go back and have another injection as the Mange life cycle is 21 days

Fifth Visit: Kornage had to go back for his 2nd injection for the treatment of Fox Mange. The vet looked at him and said he didn't need to go back for a 3rd one. Again Kornage squealed when he had the injection and today he is very quiet again (day after). Hopefully now he will be able to start gaining weight. The vet very kindly let me take a photo of him and Kornage for this site.

26th June 2005

Kornage has had weeks of suffering, I first noticed when he stopped eating food, I gave him his usual bit of cucumber and he tried to eat it but gave up. I took him to an emergency vet who found his teeth to be over grown. The first vet that I took him to cut his teeth and after a few days he still was not eating.

I took him back to the vet and the vet checked him over and said there was nothing wrong with him.

I decided to take him to another vet who looked at his teeth and said they had been cut wrong and recut them.

He seemed to pick up at this stage but soon stopped eating again. He had a further 3 visits to the vet who suggested he had a extremly small oestruphagus and tried to stretch it.

Again everything seemed to be going well but after a couple of weeks he couldn't eat again and was spitting out food.

I decided to take him to a vet who is known as Dr Anne, she examined him and found some spurs in his mouth and removed them . Kornage came round from the operation and again started eating and I thought he was going to be better.

When he came home he was up and down some days eating other days couldn't. Dr Anne had given me pain killers for him but he wasn't getting enough food.

I had been hand feeding him for 7 weeks since first noticing his lack of ability to eat food and he was not gaining weight and due to the wet food had runny stools.

Yesterday when I checked on him in the morning he had a soaking wet chest where he had been dribbling from what ever was causing his pain in his mouth and he had a really bad smell about him. I just knew this was a very bad sign, I gave him some more pain killers and later on in that day he was sat eating his solid food and again I had some hope for him. However I had decided he needed to go and see Dr Anne again.

This morning I booked him in to see her, when she saw him and smelt him she examined his mouth, she could not see any signs of why he was in pain. She did however find he had lots of fur around his teeth which was another sign that his mouth wasn't operating as normal.


Kornage was put to sleep today

Today I had to have Kornage put to sleep after weeks of teeth troubles. Kornage was my first Guinea Pig and the inspiration for this website. He was the cutest little fella with a great personality. I am going to miss him greatly he was extremly tame and really felt like he was just like a little dog.



Baby Guinea Pig