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I get emailed from time to time from people who have visited my website offering some extra information on what they have read on this website. I appriciate the input and felt it would be a good idea to add a section where people can share tips.



Hi there,
Good to read your site info about piggy diets, just a couple of points from my experience, I\'ve been advised never to feed foodstuffs from bulbs i.e. onions, sping onions As for Greens my piggys (usually about 20 of the little sweethearts) can\'t get enough of greens, in fact the greener and darker the better, they love kale and the outer leaves of loose-hearted cabbages. Something that I\'ve heard is a good source of nutrients is banana skin, I only ever feed clean unblemished skins, some love it others won\'t touch it.
Kind regards

Cubing/Cubes used for Guinea Pig housing

The cubes you mention for housing are available on ebay for about £6 plus £6 postage for 24 panels and 26 connectors. Each panel being 14\".
If you buy more than one pack postage is still only £6.
Thought you might want to share this info.
(Just about to purchase a pair of cavvies for my daughter for Christmas) Fortunately I know a girl who breeds them.