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Welcome to the Guinea Pig information and care tips website. I am what some/most people consider a Guinea Pig crazy woman. I have four of them and friends and family do not understand my total fascination with them and can not understand why I dedicate so much of my time to caring for them.

It was five years ago when the first Big Brother was on air and they had a house full of people for channel 4 and a house full of Guinea Pigs for Big Brothers little brother. I had never really come across Guinea Pigs in my life and had thought of them as rodents. The TV Show showed clips of Guinea Pigs every day on a spin off from the house mates.

Then in 2000 I made a website for a pet store and had to write an article on Guinea Pigs for this I needed images and started hunting around the net for some. I found some really cute photos of cavies (as they are also known as) and decided I'd quite like to buy one. I then spent a further 3 years looking for one to buy. I wasn't crazy about finding one but when I was in a pet store would look to see if they had some.

In 2002 I was in town in a pet store buying something for the late 'Hammy Bear' and noticed they had a Guinea Pig. I asked the shop assistant if I could hold this Guinea Pig, the lady obliged and got him out of his cage and sat him on my hand. He sat there dead still without the slightest movement in the palm of my hand looking at me with his cute black eyes. I fell in love with him instantly, at the time my partner was in another shop but knew I was in the pet store and came in to find me. When he came over and saw this tiny cute black fur ball sat on my hand he said 'You want him don't you!' and then instructed me to find out what he needed and then paid for everything for me. The cost of the Guinea Pig, Cage, Food, Hay, water bottle, sawdust and treats came to £45, on reflection this is the best £45 I have ever spent.

Being a complete internet addict I came home and started surfing for information on how to look after my new Guinea Pig. I soon found that he will be lonely if I proceed to let him live on his own and this is where my next Guinea Pig 'Millie MooZer' came in to play. Now I had a male <boar> and a female <sow> so my male needed to be neutered. This is a tricky operation but if you find a vet who is confident and has done this operation before your Guinea Pig has a much greater chance of surviving. Kornage has his op and recovered with no problems. I now had 2 Guinea Pigs and 2 cages (Never put a male Guinea Pig who has not be done in to a cage with a female you will end up with babies!)

I put them both in the cage to live together and they have become the best of friends. So spare cage etc etc I went in to another pet store and there was little Nudgie! I felt she had to be rescued from the Pet Store as she looked so cute and I didn't want to leave her there all on her own so she came home with us. Now 3 Guinea Pigs in 2 cages so I was back to square one Nudgie needed a friend. I had already made my mind up that if I were to get a forth Guinea Pig she must be grey and on one visit to the pet store there was Squirrel!

I liken having Guinea Pigs to owning four very small dogs, they follow me around when they are on the floor, they beg for food when I open the fridge or russel a bag and they love to be cuddled. Owning Guinea Pigs is not like having a hamster for one they do not sleep all day, they definatly know who you are and learn to know your voice. They are very vocal animals and will ask for food which means you can't forget about them. I have my four Guinea Pigs living in doors with me I have made real pets of them. I have learnt alot about the care of cavies and have made this website to share with others. Since making this website I have had a lot of email from other cavy owners thanking me for my information.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you have anything to add then please feel free to contact me.