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Further Guinea Pig Information

Guinea Pig Re Homing

If you have got space for another Guinea Pig this website has lots of Guinea Pigs who need homes.

Cutting your Guinea Pigs Nails

Nail Cutting - This site has a great explanation of how to cut your Guinea Pigs nails. There are diagrams so if your Guinea Pig has black nails and you follow this guide you wont risk cutting to short.


This site is dedicated to all small animals and has lots of useful information. I found this site when looking for alternative bedding for my Guinea Pigs. This lady recommends Megazorb. I have found a dealer in East Kent who supplies this so I am off to buy some today. I will be updating my site today with information on this.

Guinea Pigs World

An informative site about caring for your pet guinea pig, with pictures and helpful tips, facts and information on feeding, their language, their origins, the different breeds and frequently asked questions.

Cavy Madness

This web site has lot of information and links.

Jackie's Guinea Piggies

A great Guinea Pig website with lots of information to read.

Maxims Pet Store

Pet store in Ramsgate Road, Margate, Kent.