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Guinea Pig Neuter

Diary from when I had Kornage Neutered

Day One.

I did not have to starve him for his operation like other animals have to be as Guinea Pigs can not be sick. This is the reason you are told to starve yourself/Animals because there is a risk you will be sick under the anaesthetic and choke on your vomit.

I took him to the vets and still kept asking myself if I was doing the right thing. I had weighed up the risk's with his over all happiness. The vet had been recommended to me by a local Guinea Pig rescue lady. The vets was not local.

The vet's told me to call back after 5pm as they would be busy beforehand and could not call me. About 2:30pm the phone rang and it said vets on it so I immediately thought this was going to be bad news. However they called me to say he had come through his operation and was awake and doing fine.

My other half picked him up for me on his way back from work. He called me to say he was worried about him because he was ever so shaky. This worried me no end.

When he got back I took Kornage's carry case off him and said hello fat boy and with this he looked up and was wondering where I was. I took him out of this and gave him his favourite .. A huge bit of cucumber ! .. He sat on me for about 10 min's then started moving about .. I suspected he needed to use the toilet. I was right .. I put him in to his cage and he pee 'd straight away.

In his cage I had done one side out with Newspaper and his sleeping end he had soft towels. I was kind of hoping he would get off his towel to pee and use the paper. He did a few times, but then he also used his towel. I am cleaning the cage out 2 times a day for him. I have taken away his house that he likes to sit on and be King of his castle incase he strains himself jumping up or down. So I have laid a big towel over one end of his cage to give him some where to go hide under.

His over all mood was normal if just a bit sleepy. His bum area must of been sore as he keeps shifting from one leg on to the other. I have looked at the area and there is no weeping. I have given him cuddles .. To get him out of his cage I have laid a towel down and placed him on top so lifting him will not put any strain on his stitches.

His over all behaviour seems to be normal and at this time I have no concerns.

Day Two

When I got up this morning the first thing I checked was Kornage. This morning when I went over to his cage he got up on his hind legs and sniffed to see if I had anything to offer. He must be feeling ok.

I have cleaned his bed out again .. Totally changing newspaper and towels over for fresh ones. Have fed him carrot, cucumber, fresh hay and a cabbage leaf for breakfast and currently he's sitting on his very soft towel munching these. When I tried to take out one of the towels he went for me. I think he must like sleeping on these. Best he doesn't get too ahead of himself as they are not staying!! He has got very protective over things over the last month.

He seems to be ok has been eating today and even managed the odd pop corning when I was refilling up his hay. His stitches look clean and he hasn't been chewing on them.  His pee is normal colour there has been no signs of blood on his towels. I have changed over his towels and newspaper 3 times today.

Day Three

This morning I took Kornage back to bed with me and he laid on my bed and slept for about an hour. His stitches are clean although one wound had slightly opened this morning when I last checked this evening it had all healed up again. He does have what I suppose is scabbing down the length of the cut but it looks all clean no signs of swelling and no signs of any infection. His mood over the day has been very lively and he and the girl have been very vocal with each other. I am feeling confident he is going to be ok after this operation. Although it really does all depend on the fact he doesn't get any infections.

Day Four

One of his cuts has opened slightly and has been bleeding. His stitches seem to be in place. I will keep an eye on this to check for any signs of infection. Have been changing his towel in the bottom of his cage regularly.

Day Five

The area around his stitches has healed up again and is looking clean. He is his usual self. Although seems to be a lot calmer when you cuddle him when he can smell the girl. He is rumble strutting for shorter periods. He has been eating and pop corning. So I am happy everything is healing nicely.

Day Six

Today the cut on the left hand side seems to have come open again. However he is still on his towels and I am clearing up any wet newspaper so that he wont get infected.

Day Seven

His stitches again are all closed up and dry with no signs of infection. He is 100% back to his normal self and has been out of the floor for exercise with plenty of pop corning.

Day Eight

Today he has to go back to the vet for a check up as a routine aftercare appointment. I am convinced now that everything is fine and he will have no side effects from this operation. However I have read a story of a piggy who died 10 days after his operation due to an internal infection. Kornage however is not showing any signs of illness.

Second Week after operation.

Kornage has suffered no side effects from his operation. He has no signs of any infection. If anything he has calmed down alot and is back to wanting lots of cuddles.

12 days after his operation I have put him back on to hay. I am more than happy everything is healed up. His stitches will dissolve and fall out over the next few weeks.