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Guinea Pig shopping list

List of items you will need when you buy a Guinea Pig.

Cage or Hutch

Depending if you wish to keep your pet inside or out doors depends on what kind of home he needs to have. A hutch is no good for indoors use. It is not as simple to clean out as a plastic bottomed cage and if not lined sufficiently will soak up pee and leaky bottle water. This will result in a massive stink and could stain anything that it is sat on. If you do not have any option other than to use a Hutch in doors then make sure you put some protective layer between it and the floor and clean it daily.


Guinea Pigs need fresh hay to eat every day, not only does it help keep their teeth short it is also an essential part of their diet. They also LOVE to hide in hay and have it as their bedding. However this does have its consequences as often in hay are tiny bugs that soon move in to your Guinea Pigs fur. My Guinea Pigs have some tiny bugs in their fur which are proving really hard to get rid of. If I clean out their cage and just put hay in their racks they lay around sulking and after a while I find they have knocked the racks down and are laying on an island of hay.

Wood Shavings

I use wood shavings underneath a layer of hay to soak up their pee and a drippy bottles. Some say that you should not use wood shavings as this can irritate their respiratory system. There is an alternative to saw dust called Megazorb, however this is not as simple to get hold of. Megazorb is made for horse stables is its pretty much the same as paper cat litter with no scent and slightly bigger clumps. It is perfect for lining a cage and very cheap, a huge sack of it costs around £5 and lasts for weeks.


I line the bottom of the cage out with newspaper so when I go to change the cage I can just roll it up with the sawdust and hay and throw it away without too much mess.

Water Bottle

There are various types of bottles on the market and they all seem to drip. If anyone knows of a make of bottle that does not drip I'd like to hear from you.

Guinea Pig Food

There are a few types of Guinea Pig food on the market, my Guinea Pigs prefer Gerty it has a good mix of seeds, grass and other dried food. They are not so keen on Guinea Pig food in general though and often leave quite a lot of it.


You will need to have lots of this on standby to bribe your new Guinea Pig with to gain his/her trust. Cucumber has no nutritional value what so ever to a Guinea Pig but they love it. Keep some in the fridge and feed to them when they are all hot and bothered on a hot summers day. Read my Feeding guide to find out more information on the other types of food you can give a Guinea Pig.

Food Bowl

You will need to have a heavy bowl so that when your Guinea Pig sits up on the edge of the bowl it doesn't tip over and spill the food all over the cage.

Things you will need to get later on

Nail Clippers

You Guinea Pigs nails will be constantly be growing and will need to be cut around every two weeks depending on your Guinea Pig.


You will need a brush to remove loose hair and untangle any fur especially in long haired Guinea Pigs. Long Haired will need alot of attention around the bum area.

Bug Shampoo

If your Guinea Pig sleeps in hay chances are it will get some bugs over time, having some bug shampoo designed for small animals is a must have.