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Dear Website

I have been thinking about getting a guinea pig because I'm not supposed to have animals at the house I am renting but ever since I was born my family has had a cat, dog or even fish.

I love animals and I have a soft spot for any and all of them. Guinea pigs just seem to be what I'm leaning towards. I've been trying to research them as much as possible. My mother and father had 3 or 4 but that was before I was born.

Your website covers everything and you actually have stories that show you know what you are talking about. I will mark this site and use it time and time again after I get my very own guinea pig.

I also have to say that NutMeg is the cutest thing ever and I hope to get one that color. Basically I would just like to say Thank You for having such a helpful site as there aren't many out there that I could find.

If you have any other excellent advice, fill free to let me know. Any thing will help!! Erin



thank you for the information and me and my dad think your website about cavies is very good


I just wanted to tell you this is a beautiful and very informative site. Once I started reading I had to read the entire thing. I have one guinea pig at the moment named Floopy (my son's idea). Although he was supposed to be my son's pet I've kind of took over and fell in love with him. I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful site.


Hi, just wanted to let you know that I think you have a fantastic site! I enjoyed the stories as well as the pictures. Anyway, can\'t wait to get home from work to play with my little piggies!


I love the website. it is very colourful, i own 5 guineapigs and i love them to pieces, one of then is ginger just like the pitcure. it is nice to have a guineapig website loads of people like them so well done for making this site. it is very informal and understanding.and simple to understand.


Hey I’ve just visited your site for the 1st time and would like to say how fab it is! I myself am a great guinea pig fan! I only have 2 (at the moment :p ) also my family can not understand my interest in guinea pigs and have even called me obsessed with them. They even called them boring!! They obviously don’t know guinea pigs very well at all because they are far from boring : ) I have 2 male guinea pigs called jack and patch. There about 8 – 9 moths old. There so funny too! Whenever I rustle a bag they start squeaking like mad because they think there going to get more carrots :P My fiancé built them a huge cage last weeknd, its 6ft by 6! And they love it.
Katie, jack and patch

Wee wee wee!