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Welcome to my site about Guinea Pigs

The aim of this site to inform anybody who has just brought a Guinea Pig or is thinking of buying one with some helpful information on keeping them. I hope my site can help you make the right decisions.

I went in to buying my Guinea Pig blind, and although I love him to bits and wouldn't change him for anything. I wish I had known some more facts about Guinea Pigs needs, such as the fact they are pack animals. Which I will explain more in detail in the sub section "Things to think about".

I do not claim to be a Guinea Pig expert and the information here is to the best of my knowledge. If you read something on this site and disagree with my comments you are free to email me and explain why.

If you have a Guinea Pig who is showing signs of illness the best advice I or anyone else can give you is to seek medical advice from a registered Vet urgently.

When I first brought my Guinea Pig called Kornage <he's the black one> I spent literally months surfing site's making sure I had all the information I could find to ensure his well being. Soon after buying him I then got him a friend, then another! I am definitely stopping at my three though. I have been banned from place's that have Cavies!

I do hope you enjoy your visit here and would love to hear from you with positive or negative feedback.

Guinea Pigs make great Pets